An OCPD, almost-40 engineer's approach to fitness

They say hitting 40 is when most men start losing the battle of the bulge. On one hand our bodies start losing the ability to add muscle as easily as »

Gatekeeping As a Service

Over the years I've realized that some of the best ephiphanies and ideas come to you when you're not wearing your startup entrepreneur hat. Like today morning for instance. My »

Does India have an Entrepreneurship Bubble?

As India's most read business daily and the world's second most (after the Wall Street Journal), you cannot ignore the Economic Times. And two weeks back it put out this »

Starting Up: Destination Reached, Journey Begins

Autumn,1998. Bangalore. I was a fresh computer science engineer with a job offer from a mid-sized IT services company. Aided by the low-hanging Y2K fruit, the Indian offshore development »